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Biophilic Design with Green Walls

When we think of the New Year, we think of a fresh start. And what could be fresher than nature and the outdoors? When applied to architecture, we think biophilic design, bringing the outdoors into design to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment. Bee Downtown (this month’s ATS newsletter inspiration) is an example of […]


What Qualifies as Sustainable?

Architects proclaim sustainable design. Manufacturers promote sustainable products. But, what does it mean to be sustainable? The words sustainable, green, and eco-friendly are used loosely and way too often. In fact, architects, builders, and manufacturers who take some “green” actions may not deliver a truly sustainable project. Green does not always translate into sustainable. By […]


The Expectation of Carbon-Neutral Design

Climate change is a hot topic…and with good reason. Signed in 2016, the Paris Agreement sits at the center of the fight against global climate change. Ultimately, its end goal is to ensure that global temperatures don’t rise more than 2° C above pre-industrial levels. Reaching 2° C could mean catastrophic weather outcomes like drought, […]


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