Learning Objectives

1. How is it achieved using tools common in the industry that reduce labor, downtime and environmental impact?

2. How to specify Integrally Troweled Cure & Polished (ITCP) floors that reduce downtime, labor and environmental impact?

3. What are the options for Integrally Troweled concrete and how do these protect the site and promote an advanced construction schedule?

4. What are the benefits of using low VOC, neutral pH chemistry?



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Good course

Shawn Xiaotu Xu

Pretty interesting and a very good option for any building's floor finish.

Ruben Boas

Integrally Troweled Cure & Polished Architectural Concrete Floors


This course is a discussion of the method used to create a polished concrete finishing process using tools common in the industry to reduce labor, downtime and environmental impact.

Credits: 1 AIA HSW + 1 AIBC Core LU + 1 AAA Structured LU + 1 AANB, NSAA, ALBNL (EPP)

Length: 1 hour

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