Learning Objectives

1. Examine the role of moisture in concrete and address misunderstandings across “hydration”, “drying” and “curing”.

2. Discuss the meaning of “28 days” in relation to freshly placed concrete.

3. Identify the various sources of roof system moisture.

4. Specify appropriate sustainable design processes, procedures, and site conditions to minimize roof system installation delays and subsequent bond or moisture failures.


Great course

Raymond R. Lammon

The presentation was a little all over the place and I wasn't understanding how to protect moisture in the roof. It felt like

Allison Krichman

Good info on concrete requirements, etc.

Chris White


William Jarratt


Koukaba Mojadidi

The presentation is very informative and educational.

Abundancio Ubaldo

Lots of good information

Chris Boggess


Jack Seitsinger

It was good. I think it could be more emphasized on what to do to address moisture, than other general concrete information.

Ruben Boas

Very informative

Jonathan Berkman

Very excellent presentation. Great job. I have a lot of roofing experience. But learned several new things from your presentation.

David Hubbard

great course. Very Helpful

Derreck Travis

Concrete is cool

Dan Grudek

Great presentation

Shane McBride

Thank you. Tons of helpful info, very dense!

Kipp Edick


Charles Grad

Thank you

Alexandra Tailer


henry panton

Good information. Thank you, Phillip

Phillip Fowler

Great presentation.

Rhonda Wells

Informative and eye opening. I am an experienced roof inspector and there was a lot to learn in this course.

Andre Henry

good info

Sam Listi

Covered a lot of basic information on concrete roof decks, most of which is not commonly known.

Jeffrey Davis

Clear communication of the information

Bob Lucius

Informative presentation.

Ryan Schaaf

it seems a little suspicious that this presentation disagrees with many common practices and specifications. Have we really all been learning and practicing the wrong way to specify concrete? Or is it just a really good "argument" for using their admixture? I also question whether this course should imply "roof assemblies" when it's really about concrete.

susan makris

Great and informative course

Joel Brenner

Proactively Address Moisture in Roof Assemblies


Moisture within roof assemblies, or the concern over such, has recently become a major focus of discussion for the design/build community due to project schedule delays and disruptions to businesses and institutions. Despite the disruption to projects this issue causes, there remains significant misunderstandings across the design build industry regarding product warranties, field moisture tests, and just how long it takes concrete “to dry”. During this presentation, we will discuss common terms associated with concrete that are often misused and misunderstood. Further, the various sources of roof system moisture will be identified with clear recommendations given as to how the specifying professional can proactively address these sources through the construction documents.

Credits: 1 AIA HSW + 1 AIBC Core LU + 1 AAA , 1 AANB, 1 NSAA, 1 ALBNL Structured LU

Length: 1h

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