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Attention AIA Members - You can only take a course once in its lifespan (3 years) - Members may repeat a course, but no additional credit will be awarded.

Live In-Person Seminar - Mixed Topics - Chicago, IL

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Date Tuesday,
September 27, 2022
Location Maggiano's Downtown Chicago
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Starting Time 09:00 AM (EDT)
08:00 AM (CDT)
07:00 AM (MDT)
06:00 AM (PDT)
05:00 AM (AKDT)
04:00 AM (HADT)
Program End 03:15 PM (EDT)
02:15 PM (CDT)
01:15 PM (MDT)
12:15 PM (PDT)
11:15 AM (AKDT)
10:15 AM (HADT)
Credits Earned

2  AIBC Core LU
2  AAA Structured LU

Day Program*

08:00 AM

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08:10 AM

Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Floor Panels for Multifamily Buildings

08:10 AM - 09:10 AM

A streamlined approach to achieve better acoustics and fire resistance

  • AIA HSW # HEW 302
  • Provider: Huber Engineered Woods
  • Presenter: Brian Shores
  • Credits: 1 AIA HSW, 1 OAA, OAQ, SAA, MAA, AAPEI, NWTAA,
09:10 AM

Making Sense of Sealants

09:10 AM - 10:10 AM

Participants will learn about the different families of sealants and how to choose the correct product for each application. We will discuss the effect of UV light on sealants and the difference between structural or non structural silicon sealant. And finally, the importance of surface preparation before sealing joints.

  • AIA HSW # AdfSealant2020 | USGBC # 920025313
  • Provider: Adfast
  • Presenter: Dan Garnett
  • Credits: 1 AIA HSW, 1 GBCI (USGBC/CAGBC), 1 AIBC Core LU, 1 AAA Structured LU, 1 OAA, OAQ, SAA, MAA, AAPEI, NWTAA,
10:10 AM


10:20 AM

Understanding Stone Wool Insulation for Interior and Exterior Commercial Building Applications

10:20 AM - 11:20 AM

The course identifies what stone wool insulation is and how it is produced. It will discuss commercial applications of stone wool insulation as well as the key benefits of this insulating material when used in the field versus some of the other insulating materials traditionally used in the North American market today.

  • AIA HSW # ROXGEN2019
  • Provider: Rockwool
  • Presenter: Denise Alvera
  • Credits: 1 AIA HSW, 1 AIBC Core LU, 1 AAA Structured LU, 1 AANB, NSAA, ALBNL (EPP), 1 OAA, OAQ, SAA, MAA, AAPEI, NWTAA,
11:20 AM

MgO Sheathing for Exterior Wall Assemblies in Commercial Wood Frame Projects

11:20 AM - 12:20 PM

Material requirements for exterior sheathing and balancing structural performance with fire-resistance ratings of exterior walls can present unique challenges for wood frame projects. This course investigates the use of MgO sheathing panels for exterior wall applications in wood frame projects of Type III and V Construction. We begin with an overview of the MgO material properties and characteristics of MgO panels that make them uniquely suited for use as exterior sheathing. We’ll discuss how MgO panels meet code requirements for exteriors walls in these applications, including compliance with NFPA 285. Structural performance, specific fire-resistance ratings of assemblies and cladding application is included in this discussion.

  • AIA HSW # HEW 305.1
  • Provider: Huber Engineered Woods
  • Presenter: Brian Shores
  • Credits: 1 AIA HSW, 1 OAA, OAQ, SAA, MAA, AAPEI, NWTAA,
12:20 PM


01:00 PM

Solving the Concrete Moisture Issue: Commercial, Environmental and Health Benefits of Impermeable Concrete and Permanent Impermeable Repair Materials

01:00 PM - 02:00 PM

This Program addresses the impact of traditional & impermeable concrete inside & outside the building envelope. It discusses methods to improve durability and consequent sustainability of all concrete applications. It discusses the concrete industries' efforts to lower the carbon footprint. It provides a solution to moisture & flooring problems as well as water and damp-proof concrete. Techniques and materials used to permanently repair concrete are discussed.

  • AIA HSW # VLMGK1011260
  • Provider: Specialty Products Group (SPG)
  • Presenter: Scott Bergsbaken
  • Credits: 1 AIA HSW, 1 OAA, OAQ, SAA, MAA, AAPEI, NWTAA,
02:11 PM


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