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Date Wednesday,
August 24, 2022
Location Online Webcast

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Credits Earned

3  AIBC Core LU
2  AAA Structured LU

Day Program*

08:00 AM

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08:05 AM

Introduction to Prefabricated Fireproof Structural Columns

08:05 AM - 09:05 AM

Structural fire protection guards essential structural components from the devastating effects of fire. This course examines the various active and passive fireproof methods that are available with a focus on the features, types, and design considerations of prefabricated fireproof structural columns designed for exposed exterior and interior loadbearing columns.

  • AIA HSW # 0001 | USGBC # 0920026530
  • Provider: Fire-Trol
  • Tricia Brindle Presenter
09:05 AM

Review of Session Code Process

09:05 AM - 09:10 AM

09:10 AM

Designing For Life Safety - Fire

09:10 AM - 10:10 AM

When considering the building enclosure, fire safety is an important design factor and needs to be considered hand-in-hand with energy code requirements. By developing a better understanding of how the material and systems testing standards for fire safety can impact the overall design, architects and designers can confidently and freely design spaces that could save lives in the event of fire.This presentation will review common fire standards including NFPA 285 test standard. It will outline the criteria for compliance, as well as identify triggers and contributors under the different standards. Participants will review how the selection building components such as insulation, air/water resistive barriers, claddings finishes, can affect the fire performance of an assembly, and identify solutions and common paths for compliance.

  • AIA HSW # RWNA210501
  • Provider: Rockwool
  • Presenter: Denise Alvera
  • Credits: 1 AIA HSW, 1 AIBC Core LU, 1 OAA, OAQ, SAA, MAA, AAPEI, NWTAA,
10:10 AM


10:20 AM

QWEB - Eli Gould

10:30 AM

Designing Low Voltage Technology Infrastructure Spaces

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Modern environments such as classrooms, collaboration, meeting and board rooms have seen a transformation in both their overall layout and how they are being utilized, post pandemic. Low voltage systems, IT, AV, and building managements systems in the past were stand alone systems and this isolation between them caused issues for the users experience in a negative way. By working together on the early design phases, this will eliminate many challenges for designers and engineers planning a space layout. Audiovisual and data applications in various spaces will be covered, and the connectivity requirements associated with them for onsite and remote applications. This presentation will show how combining facility management, IT and AV teams on the usage of the spaces early in the process will enhance the user’s experiences. A variety of ceiling, wall and floor boxes as cable management solutions will be addressed. The different features of these boxes will be covered, as well as UL requirements, electrical issues, the merging of technology aesthetics and developments in connectivity will also be discussed. Various connectivity and cable management solutions within tables and other furniture will be covered.

  • AIA HSW # FSR 727
  • Provider: FSR, Inc.
  • Presenter: Glenn Collinge
  • Credits: 1 AIA HSW, 1 IDCEC, 1 AIBC Core LU, 1 AAA Structured LU, 1 OAA, OAQ, SAA, MAA, AAPEI, NWTAA,
11:30 AM

An Architects Guide to Fire Rated Head-of-Wall Fire Joints

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

In this one-hour course, design professionals will gain knowledge of head-of-wall, bottom-of-wall and wall-to-wall assemblies, as well as the respective UL standards for approval, It will discuss different joint treatment types and the components involved with each application. By the end of the course, design professionals will be able to specify, install, and operate fire resistance joints and joint protection to ensure occupant safety.

  • AIA HSW # MW003
  • Provider: Marino\Ware
  • Presenter: Anthony M Stazzone
  • Credits: 1 AIA HSW, 1 OAA, OAQ, SAA, MAA, AAPEI, NWTAA,
12:30 PM

Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood in Today's Building Code

12:30 PM - 01:30 PM

This session is a discussion of fire-retardant-treated wood's technical characteristics and building code-related applications. Emphasis is placed on the testing and labeling required by the International Building Code. The building code, as with many products, regulates the use of wood in construction. Two broad categories separate materials: combustible and noncombustible. Codes limit the applications of combustible materials on the basis of fire and life safety. The question is then, are there options available to using wood in lieu of a noncombustible material. Fire Retardant Treated Wood (FRTW) provides that option. Codes recognize FRTW for many applications where a noncombustible material is mandated.

  • AIA HSW # 1FRTW | USGBC # 920007678
  • Provider: Hoover Treated Wood Products
  • Presenter: Mike Eckhoff
  • Credits: 1 AIA HSW, 1 GBCI (USGBC/CAGBC), 1 AIBC Core LU, 1 AAA Structured LU, 1 OAA, OAQ, SAA, MAA, AAPEI, NWTAA,
01:30 PM


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