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Live In-Person Seminar - Mixed-Topics - Miami, FL

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Date Tuesday,
November 2, 2021
Location DoubleTree by Hilton Miami Airport & Convention Center
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Registration08:00 AM EST
Program end03:11 PM EST
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Day program*

08:00 AM

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08:10 AM

Joint Sealant Technology - Their Design and Use

08:10 AM - 09:10 AM

Joint sealants seal penetrations between construction elements…a critical part of the building envelope. They prevent the ingress of water/moisture into the building interior or through joints/gaps. They also play a role in the prevention of reinforced concrete corrosion, which can lead to structural failures.

  • AIA HSW # SIKA400 | USGBC # 920009462
  • Provider: Sika Corp
  • Presenter: John Babun
09:10 AM

Coating of Aluminum Extrusions

09:10 AM - 10:10 AM

Provides an overview of aluminum extrusion coatings and includes discussions on the aluminum extrusion process; a comparison of powder and liquid coatings; an overview of the chrome and the chrome-free pretreatment processes; and, the performance objectives of AAMA testing standards.

  • AIA HSW # AG1012020 | USGBC # 920017985
  • Provider: Barrette Outdoor Living Inc.
  • Presenter: Taylor Coley
10:10 AM


10:30 AM

Sustainable Exterior Envelope

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

At the end of this course, participants will know how to increase the durability of wood products used on building exterior envelope, understand best installation practices and differences between popular wood treatment methods. This AIA continuing education program touches on these issues and more, helping you design an exterior envelope that is durable and healthy for the home.

  • AIA HSW # ExtEnv2020 | USGBC # 920012039
  • Provider: WindsorONE
  • Presenter: Devin Darnell
11:30 AM

LEEDing The Way Through Green Concrete

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

This Program addresses the impact of the EPA’s limitations on VOC’s inside the building envelope. New limitations are now being placed outside the building envelope that will cause many new challenges to the construction process. The solution knowledge provided by this program measurably improves IAQ, eliminating mass amounts of moisture from the concrete, where there is no moisture, there is no Mold. Learning Objectives: After completion of this course, participants will be able to understand and identify:  The scope and magnitude of moistures impact on a Building  The impact of topical and admixture remedies to both new and existing concrete  Mould, Mildew, IEQ issues, moisture related failures and topical applications  New VOC Rulings & Impact on Projects

  • AIA HSW # VL2020
  • Provider: Specialty Products Group
  • Presenter: Scott Brown
12:30 PM


01:10 PM

Gravity Fail Safe Fire Protective Smoke Curtains Technology

01:10 PM - 02:10 PM

smoke curtain technology, which allows for more open space and natural light (providing LEED credit) in a building while protecting its occupants for safe evacuation by keeping the smoke layer six feet above the finished floor during a fire condition. Our automatic smoke barriers and partitions allow for open corridors in the atrium and are utilized for area separation. We create smoke datums with our technology under NFPA 92B guidelines in conjunction with smoke control to reduce extraction and make up air requirements. In our projects over-seas, our associates use less smoke extraction, and use more curtain systems to create more datums.

We are UL listed under UL 10D Fire Protective Curtains which UL established for our product. We are the only product in the world that holds this designation. We currently hold a UL S label for UL 1784 and a UL oversize report AND UL 864 for our group control panels. We have installed at The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Federal Housing Finance Agency, UNC Dental School, MIT Neural and Cognitive Sciences Building, UMASS Integrated Sciences Building, PRINCETON Chemistry Building, FIU School for International and Public Affairs, Max Planck Institute (Florida), PNC Place in Washington, DC among many others and are currently installing at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, as well as several Ground Zero and government installations.

  • AIA HSW # 000002
  • Provider: U.S. Smoke & Fire Corp
  • Presenter: Steven Sadeghian
02:10 PM

21st Century 3D Acoustics

02:10 PM - 03:10 PM

This course discusses the difference between NRC and STC as well as absorption, diffusion, and reflection and how it relates to echo and reverberation and speech intelligibility in architectural spaces and the importance of using the 3D design concept to maximize the acoustical performance of their room.

  • AIA HSW # Acoustics3D001
  • Provider: Perdue Acoustics
  • Presenter: Jesse Perdue
03:10 PM


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