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Live In-Person Seminar - Mixed Topics - Washington, DC

Event Info

Date Thursday,
November 4, 2021
Location Maggiano's Little Italy - Chevy Chase
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Registration08:00 AM EST
Program end05:30 PM EST
Credits earned

5  AIBC Core LU
5  AAA Structured LU

Day program*

08:00 AM

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08:10 AM

Reviving the Lost Art of Moldings

08:10 AM - 09:10 AM

This course examines historic moldings to appreciate the genius behind their design and application. It will explore the reality of modern wood resources and the direct relationship with Today's manufacturing process, as well as the use of historic moldings in Today's real world applications.

  • AIA HSW # LostArt2020HSW | USGBC # 920011023
  • Provider: WindsorONE
  • Presenter: Corbin Rinehart
09:10 AM

Coating of Aluminum Extrusions

09:10 AM - 10:10 AM

Provides an overview of aluminum extrusion coatings and includes discussions on the aluminum extrusion process; a comparison of powder and liquid coatings; an overview of the chrome and the chrome-free pretreatment processes; and, the performance objectives of AAMA testing standards.

  • AIA HSW # AG1012020 | USGBC # 920017985
  • Provider: Barrette Outdoor Living Inc.
  • Presenter: Taylor Coley
10:10 AM


10:30 AM

Get Inspired! Design Smarter, Safer, and Greener with Innovation in Wood-Framed Construction

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Wood is a frequently overlooked building material for light-medium-commercial construction including mid-rise, multi-family, and mixed-use projects. This course features several North American examples that highlight the surprising capabilities of this natural resource.
Many architects, engineers, and project owners often default to steel and concrete instead of wood for wall, floor, and roof assemblies.
This course outlines:
- common misconceptions and capabilities of code-approved wood applications.
- the environmental and structural benefits of this sustainable natural resource.
- the virtues of wood when engineered for pre-cut and pre-assembled components.
- how wood applications integrate with building codes, construction techniques, and technical support.
- how choosing wood first contributes to on-time and on-schedule projects with significant cost savings.

  • AIA HSW # QWEB01 | USGBC # 920014585
  • Provider: LAMCO Forest Products
  • Presenter: Andrew Dingman
11:30 AM

Codes & Standards related to Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

In our industry, we are challenged every day to deliver quality products and services in a timely manner.

Details are quite often making the difference between a successful projects and costly mistakes. This

presentation will give you an added confidence when selecting, specifying and approving hollow metal doors

and frames in regards to the above codes and standards.

Learning Objectives:

Identify the Codes and Standards related to hollow metal doors and frames.

Master the basics of Codes and Standards related to hollow metal doors and frames.

Identify the Codes and Standards limitations related to hollow metal doors and frames.

Identify critical situations where we need to contact a certified product representative.

  • AIA HSW # HMC003 / 2010 | USGBC # 0920011652
  • Provider: De La Fontaine
  • Presenter: René Bouchard
12:30 PM


01:10 PM

Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Floor Panels for Multifamily Buildings

01:10 PM - 02:10 PM

All multifamily buildings must meet code requirements for fire-resistance between dwelling units and meet requirements for acoustical performance. This course looks more closely at designing and constructing with MgO panels. We begin with a description of the material and its properties and its code compliance characteristics related to fire resistance. The sound attenuation capabilities are also reviewed. Its installation, particularly compared to wet-laid gypsum underlayment, is presented. Overall, using MgO panels are an option for specifications and design of multifamily projects around the country.

  • Provider: Huber Engineered Woods
  • Presenter: Curtis Bolton
02:10 PM

Benefits of Ultra Low Permeability Concrete in the Building Envelope – An Integral Approach

02:10 PM - 03:10 PM

The exceptional durability of Portland cement concrete is a major reason why it is the world’s most widely used construction material. But material limitations, design and construction practices, and severe exposure conditions can cause concrete to deteriorate, which may result in aesthetic, functional, or structural problems. The Portland Cement Association prescribes proper concrete coverage of reinforcing steel and a Low Permeability concrete mix design as the primary goals for “Best Practice”. A talented, seasoned contractor is the answer to the first…..concrete admixture may be a reasonable answer to the second.

  • AIA HSW # SPG003
  • Provider: Specialty Products Group
  • Presenter: Jim Flemming
03:10 PM


03:20 PM

A Design Professionals Guide To: SOUND ISOLATION

03:20 PM - 04:20 PM

- Understand various sound isolation assemblies and their components. - Describe various steel framing products and components of sound isolation - Understand the importance of proper installation in order to achieve desired STC rating - Explain the building code requirements for sound

  • AIA HSW # MW005
  • Provider: Marino\Ware
  • Presenter: Anthony M Stazzone
04:30 PM

Utilizing Prefabrication to Improve the Quality of Ornamental Rails in Commercial & Residential Construction

04:30 PM - 05:30 PM

This course will discuss the overall advantages of choosing a custom-fabricated railing system built 100% off-site, compared to off-the-shelf railing products or locally-fabricated rails. In addition to looking at the practical considerations of how prefabrication can improve overall product quality, visual appearance, installation times and budget, this course also identifies some ways to address health, safety, and building occupant welfare.

  • AIA HSW # K1608C | USGBC # 0920020642
  • Provider: AGS Stainless Inc.
  • Presenter: Al Enke
05:30 PM


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