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Date Thursday,
September 30, 2021
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Registration08:00 AM CDT
Program end03:11 PM CDT
Credits earned 6 AIA HSW credits
3 USGBC/GBCI credits
1 Ethics credits
1 IDCEC credit

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08:00 AM

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08:10 AM

Acoustic Door Assemblies and Their Role in Sound Control

08:10 AM - 09:10 AM

Sound control is a critical element to a building’s design. How an occupant will use the space must be understood in order to deliver a healthy and functional environment free of noise. Is speech privacy important? Is this a learning environment? Does the office open to a manufacturing floor? We all think of the walls, ceiling, and floor when discussing sound attenuation. But we must not overlook the importance of an acoustic-door assembly. Without the proper acoustic door, the sound-control goals in an acoustic plan may not be met. This course will review healthy sound levels and how to test and identify target STC ratings. We’ll discuss the elements of the acoustic-door assembly and how the assembly addresses fire-ratings and ADA compliance, contributes to LEED certification and green building, and provides security for classified files and electronic data.

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# AAD001 | USGBC# 920024242
  • Provider: Ambico Ltd.
  • Presenter: Jack Shinder
09:10 AM

Chemistry in Context - Material Science in Building & Construction

09:10 AM - 10:10 AM

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) professionals are asked to make informed materials decisions on an almost-daily basis - decisions which call for a foundational understanding of how those materials are made and their potential impact on the building’s health, sustainability and resiliency. This course helps architects, engineers, designers and contractors navigate the complexity of materials selection by providing an overview of the role of chemistry in enhancing the product and building performance. The course provides a review of key methodologies for measuring benefits and relevant information to help inform product selection. Further, it provides a primer on how chemicals are regulated in the marketplace.

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# ACC-303 | USGBC#
  • Provider: American Chemistry Council (ACC)
  • Presenter: Jack Armstrong
10:10 AM


10:20 AM

LAMCO Forest Products - Andrew Dingman

10:30 AM

Coating of Aluminum Extrusions

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Provides an overview of aluminum extrusion coatings and includes discussions on the aluminum extrusion process; a comparison of powder and liquid coatings; an overview of the chrome and the chrome-free pretreatment processes; and, the performance objectives of AAMA testing standards.

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# AG1012020 | USGBC# 920017985
  • Provider: Barrette Outdoor Living Inc.
  • Presenter: Taylor Coley
11:30 AM

Specifications Strategies to Eliminate Concrete Moisture

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

In many projects, installation of floor finishes is one of the items to occur prior to substantial completion.  However, 09 flooring specification sections require moisture testing before flooring can be installed on concrete slabs.  When those moisture tests fail, the project faces time delays, unexpected costs, or both.  During this presentation, we will:  (1) give significant discussion to the importance of design intent and how losing focus on what the owner expects can lead to catastrophic, consequences (2) examine several misconceptions associated with field moisture testing and project owner and design team liablility associated with concrete moisture induces flooring failure; and (3) we will give clear recommendations as to how the specifying professional can eliminate concrete moisture as a project delivery issue while simultaneously protecting the project owner and design team from project delivery delays/cost overruns and future failed flooring.

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# ISL03H | USGBC#
  • Provider: ISE Logik Industries, Inc.
  • Presenter: Bill Roper
12:30 PM


01:10 PM

Understanding Wood Aesthetic Cladding and Soffit Technologies

01:10 PM - 02:10 PM

This learning unit will provide an in-depth overview of current “wood” design technologies natural and synthetic. - Identify current market “wood aesthetic” technologies - Understand the core materials of each technology - Understand the sustainable features and Life Cycle benefits for each technology based on the following criteria: Color Retention, Maintenance & Warranty - Describe the surface burning characteristics and explain how they can be specified to achieve code compliance - Installation Details - Budgetary Information

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# GL2020CS | USGBC#
  • Provider: Geolam
  • Presenter: Yancey Hughes
02:10 PM

Ethics and the Environment: Understanding the Architect’s Intent, Process, and the Impact on Others

02:10 PM - 03:10 PM

The topic of ethics has never been more prevalent for today’s architects, especially in our obligation to the environment. With new data constantly published about the human toll on today’s world, the construction industry must take purposeful steps to not only reduce the environmental impact in the building process but also promote a sustainable design that will last for generations.

This one-hour presentation will review the AIA Code of Ethics including the obligations to the environment. We’ll discuss how our intent, the design and building process, and all impacted stakeholders should be considered to meet our ethical obligations. Five key areas will be addressed including energy, water, materials, ecosystem, and climate change. We’ll have an open discussion about the influences that affect our decisions in these five areas and how considering our intent, process, and those involved can shape our own code of ethics.

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# ATS-Ethics | USGBC# 920019370
  • Provider: America Training Solutions
  • Presenter: Jenn Furr
03:10 PM


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