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Architects & LEED Professional CEU Seminar - Commercial, Institutional & Residential topics

Event Info

March 12 2019
Location Norris Conference Centers - San Antonio

Registration07:45 AM
Program end03:30 PM
Credits earned 12-03-2019

Day program*

07:45 AM

Registration & Breakfast

08:00 AM

Specifying Straight Sliding Hardware for Top Hung Door & Wall Systems

08:00 AM - 09:00 AM

This course will provide a basic blueprint for selecting and specifying sliding hardware systems that will achieve quality performance while addressing options for increased daylight penetration, code differences and ADA requirements.

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# HAWA103 | USGBC# 0920014923
  • Provider: Hawa Sliding Solutions
  • Presenter: Brie Ramirez
09:00 AM

Coating of Aluminum Extrusions

09:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Provides an overview of aluminum extrusion coatings and includes discussions on the aluminum extrusion process; a comparison of powder and liquid coatings; an overview of the chrome and the chrome-free pretreatment processes; and, the performance objectives of AAMA testing standards.

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# AG101 | USGBC# 0920007717
  • Provider: Barrette Outdoor Living Inc.
  • Presenter: Taylor Coley
10:00 AM


10:15 AM

Integrally Troweled Cure & Polished Concrete Floors: A Green & Sustainable Method

10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

This program addresses the need to properly cure and finish concrete. Discusses the current ACI recommendations and the new technology that allows dramatic time savings while Increasing quality of the finished product. Education in advanced concrete technology with the use of the power trowel alone to create a unique architectural concrete floor. Education in advanced methods to expose aggregate and ultra high gloss are also shown. This unique system also eliminates moisture loss which reduces cracking and seals the surface so effectively there may be no additional need for moisture mitigation.

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# AIACESGU103 | USGBC# 920014232
  • Provider: New Green Umbrella
  • Presenter: Mark Hurshman
11:15 AM

Wood Products on Exterior Envelope - Solutions to assure Stability, Durability & Sustainability.

11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

How do you increase the durability of your exterior envelope? What is considered today’s best installation practices? What are the differences between popular wood treatment methods? Windsor Mill’s AIA continuing education program touches on these issues and more, helping you design an exterior envelope that is durable and healthy for the home.

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# WindsorExt1 | USGBC# 920012039
  • Provider: WindsorONE
  • Presenter: Jean-Christophe Gaudette
12:15 PM


01:15 PM

ADA and ANSI A117.1 Design Standards for Vertical Platform Lifts and Limited Use-Limited Application Elevators - AIASAV202

01:15 PM - 02:15 PM

ADA and ANSI A117.1 Design Standards for Platform Lifts and Limited Use/Limited Application Elevators

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# AIASAV202 | USGBC# 920010271
  • Provider: Savaria
  • Presenter: Jan Rowland
02:15 PM


02:30 PM

Vinyl & Aluminum Railing Systems

02:30 PM - 03:30 PM

The architect will learn what aluminum and structural vinyl railing systems are, how they are used in the building industry as well as the differences between ADA compliant, building code compliant and building code approved railing systems. Attendees will also be educated on the aesthetics, maintenance, safety, and security of aluminum and structural vinyl railing systems.

  • Credit type: HSW
  • Provider: Barrette Outdoor Living Inc.
  • Presenter: Taylor Coley
03:30 PM

End of Program

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*This Agenda is final but is subject to updates, additions and changes.