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April 11th 2018

Registration7:45 am
Program end5:30 pm
Credits earned​​8 AIA HSW
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Day program*

7:45 am

Registration & Breakfast

8:00 am

Use of Snow Retention Devices: Science or Science Fiction ?

8:00 am - 9:00 am

Discover the art and science of snow control and its effects, such as snow migration on rooftops of structures. Learn about the common myths and misperceptions regarding snow retention, as well as the do's and don'ts of retention devices, product selection, and site specifics.

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# MRIL1410 | USGBC# 0920007661
  • Presented by: S-5! Metal Roof Innovations, Ltd.
  • Presenter: Harry Lubitz, CSI, CDT
  • Biography: Excess of 25 years presenting training courses to architects on building materials.
9:00 am

Design Basics for Sintered Compact Surfaces

9:00 am - 10:00 am

Design Basics for Sintered Compact Surfaces

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# AIACE4012016 | USGBC# 0920015352
  • Presented by: The Size Surfaces USA
  • Presenter: Keshav Shyamsunder
  • Biography:
10:00 am


10:15 am

Making Sense of Sealants

10:15 am - 11:15 am

Participants will learn about the different families of sealants and how to choose the correct product for each application. We will discuss the effect of UV light on sealants and the difference between structural or non structural silicon sealant. And finally, the importance of surface preparation before sealing joints.

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# ADFAST-001 | USGBC# 0920010342
  • Presented by: Adfast
  • Presenter: Denis Perron
  • Biography:
11:15 am

Integrally Troweled Cure & Polish Concrete

11:15 am - 12:15 pm

This program addresses the need to properly cure and finish concrete. Discusses the current ACI recommendations and the new technology that allows dramatic time savings while Increasing quality of the finished product. Education in advanced concrete technology with the use of the power trowel alone to create a unique architectural finished product. Education in advanced methods to expose aggregate and ultra high gloss are also shown. This unique system also eliminates moisture loss which reduces cracking and seals the surface so effectively there is no additional need for moisture mitigation

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# AIACESGU103 | USGBC# 0920008002
  • Presented by: New Green Umbrella
  • Presenter: Thomas Hollis
  • Biography:
12:15 pm


1:15 pm

American Hardwoods and their Role in Carbon Neutral Design

1:15 pm - 2:15 pm

This is an hour long course that begins with a look at Hardwoods' basics. It then presents the science surrounding hardwoods; the significant role they play in the environment and finally, as a material choice, discusses their importance in sustainable building. At the conclusion of the session attendees can be confident knowing that when they choose North American hardwoods, they are selecting a quintessentially green material that is ever-renewing, abundant and sustainable.

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# 082013 | USGBC# 0920013587
  • Presented by: Hardwood Manufacturers Association
  • Presenter: Criswell Davis
  • Biography:
2:15 pm

Gypsum An Environment-Friendly Building Product

2:15 pm - 3:15 pm

Most architects know drywall as the the product choice for quality wall, ceiling, and partition systems in residential, institutional, and commercial structures. However, many architects, engineers, and project owners are unaware of the natural benefits of drywall’s primary component — gypsum. The mineral gypsum has been used as a building product for decades and is primarily used today as gypsum board (drywall). This course describes the properties of gypsum, the similarities of natural and synthetic gypsum, the applications and benefits of gypsum-panel products in construction, and gypsum's numerous environmental-benefits.

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# CBP-Enviro | USGBC# 920016019
  • Presented by: Continental Building Products
  • Presenter: Ray Tomo
  • Biography:
3:15 pm


3:30 pm

Codes & Standards related to Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

In our industry, we are challenged every day to deliver quality products and services in a timely manner. Details are quite often making the difference between a successful projects and costly mistakes. This presentation will give you an added confidence when selecting, specifying and approving hollow metal doors and frames in regards to the above codes and standards. Learning Objectives: Identify the Codes and Standards related to hollow metal doors and frames. Master the basics of Codes and Standards related to hollow metal doors and frames. Identify the Codes and Standards limitations related to hollow metal doors and frames. Identify critical situations where we need to contact a certified product representative.

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# HMC003 / 2010 | USGBC# 0920011652
  • Presented by: De La Fontaine
  • Presenter: Tom McAuliffe AHC, CDC
  • Biography:
4:30 pm

Get Inspired! Design Smarter, Safer, and Greener with Innovation in Wood-Framed Construction

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Wood is a frequently overlooked building material for light-medium-commercial construction including mid-rise, multi-family, and mixed-use projects. This course features several North American examples that highlight the surprising capabilities of this natural resource. Many architects, engineers, and project owners often default to steel and concrete instead of wood for wall, floor, and roof assemblies. This course outlines: - common misconceptions and capabilities of code-approved wood applications. - the environmental and structural benefits of this sustainable natural resource. - the virtues of wood when engineered for pre-cut and pre-assembled components. - how wood applications integrate with building codes, construction techniques, and technical support. - how choosing wood first contributes to on-time and on-schedule projects with significant cost savings.

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# QWEB01 | USGBC# 920014585
  • Presented by: QWEB
  • Presenter: Andrew M. Dingman
  • Biography:
5:30 pm

End of Program

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