High-Rise, Tower & Multi-Story Building Seminar

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April 11th 2019

Registration7:45 am
Program end3:30 pm
Credits earned6 AIBC Core LU
6 AAA Structured LU
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7:45 am

Registration & Breakfast

8:00 am

Air Movement for Energy-Efficient Comfort in Conditioned Spaces

8:00 am - 9:00 am

As we move increasingly towards market viable net-zero buildings with initiatives like ASHRAE Vision 2020 and the 2030 Challenge, we must reevaluate the role that typical building components play in a facility’s energy efficiency. ASHRAE 55 has highlighted the impact of elevated air speed on thermal comfort, and in recent years innovative designs have reestablished air movement as an integral part of occupant comfort and energy conservation. Furthermore, recent changes to Appendix G of ASHRAE 90.1 allow the inclusion of energy savings from using elevated air speed in energy simulations. When integrated into new building designs, air movement allows a reduction of air conditioning capacity and ductwork. In the winter, low speed air circulation redirects heated air trapped at the ceiling, resulting in significant energy savings. Project teams working on net-zero buildings have proven the effectiveness of incorporating air movement in building plans as part of an integrated design strategy.

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# BAF001-CS | USGBC# 910000007
  • RCEP
  • Provider: Big Ass Solutions
  • Presenter: David Kuch
  • Biography:
9:00 am

Making Sense of Sealants

9:00 am - 10:00 am

Participants will learn about the different families of sealants and how to choose the correct product for each application. We will discuss the effect of UV light on sealants and the difference between structural or non structural silicon sealant. And finally, the importance of surface preparation before sealing joints.

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# ADFAST-001 | USGBC# 0920010342
  • Provider: America Training Solution
  • Presenter: Nicolas Choquet
  • Biography:
10:00 am


10:15 am

What's in a Coating Specification?

10:15 am - 11:15 am

After this seminar, you will be able to identify the correct finishing solutions for the fenestration industry, and specifying them correctly. Participants will learn about UV degradation, color gloss performance measuring and the role sustainability plays in the industry.

  • Credit type: LU
  • Provider: Akzo Nobel
  • Presenter: Gabriel Morales-Sada
  • Biography: Gabriel Morales-Sada resides in San Diego, California and serves as Architecture Powder Coatings Marketing Manager for AkzoNobel Paints and Coatings, Mr. Morales-Sada has served as Regional Director for both AkzoNobel and leading global coatings companies from 1996 to 2014 and has gained strong market depth and technical expertise in "shop-applied" architectural coatings. Mr. Morales-Sada earned his bachelor's degree Business Administration back in 1991 at The Universidad Regiomontana A.C. in his hometown , Monterrey, Mexico.
11:15 am

Specifying Automatic Pedestrian Doors

11:15 am - 12:15 pm

Specifying Automatic Doors – Realize the importance of including automatic entrances in a specification. Types of Pedestrian Automatic Doors - Assess the contributing factors involved with determining which automatic door application would work the best for different installations and settings. Door Sensors - Understanding basic sensor technology Code Requirements – Obtain knowledge on the codes, standards and definitions related to automatic entrances.

  • Credit type: LU
  • AIA# N/A | USGBC#
  • Provider: TORMAX Canada Inc.
  • Presenter: Kayle Moore
  • Biography: Kayle Moore helps ensures TORMAX’s success and continued growth in Canada. As the National Sales Manager for TORMAX, he is responsible for building positive and productive business relationships with Architects, Spec Writers and Design Professionals. Meeting the demands to prepare quality construction documents with limited time, is a challenge that Architects encounter on a daily basis. Kayle offers a full range of specification writing and supporting services to minimize these pressures.
12:15 pm

Lunch Sponsored by Tormax & Dizal

1:15 pm

Sustainable Garden Roof Assemblies

1:15 pm - 2:15 pm

This seminar provides an overview of the various types of vegetative roof assemblies, their advantages, components, hardscape options, warranties and a review of major installations.

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# 44 | USGBC# 0920016523
  • Provider: American Hydrotech / Hydrotech Membrane Corporation
  • Presenter: Enzo Saponaro
  • Biography:
2:15 pm


2:30 pm

Privacy Partitions in Today's Commercial Restrooms

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

In this program, we explore the current trends and issues changing the way we design restrooms. We’ll discuss what users want in a restroom experience, demand for increased privacy, and solutions for making your restroom the best room.

  • Credit type: HSW
  • AIA# ISP101 | USGBC#
  • Provider: Scranton Products
  • Presenter: Ben Pedersen
  • Biography: Ben Pedersen has worked in the building materials industry for twenty years. He earned his MBA from University of Washington.
3:30 pm

End of Program

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