mindful MATERIALS: Why Manufacturers Need to Be Listed

mindful MATERIALS: Why Manufacturers Need to Be Listed

You know it all too well: Researching the environmental impact of products from manufacturers is a time consuming and fragmented process. It’s about time a platform addressed the absence of a real-time, aggregated source of reliable information architects and designers can count on.

mindful MATERIALS is a design industry initiative, one that provides a centralized space for information vetted by product experts. It connects products, manufacturers, auditors, professionals from the AEC community, and industry software, all in one place.

The platform evolved from google spreadsheets to a cloud-based data hub of grouped information gathered across major US architectural firms’ data on green materials.

As a manufacturer, having a strong inbound process is key. But it’s also passive and not the most reliable means nowadays to totally communicate your message and your sensitivity to sustainability. That’s why it’s of paramount importance to follow in the footsteps of leading manufacturers that have submitted their information to the mindful MATERIALS’ library.

What It Takes

If you want to be part of the conversation architects and designers are having every day, submitting your company’s information is the starting point between ONE of the following:

  • VOCs: Emissions Testing to CDPH Standards, AgBB, ISO16000 or ANSI/BIFMA 7.6.1 and 7.6.2 or 7.6.3 (*Textiles are eligible to be listed in mM with Greenguard Testing and LEED v4 compliant HPD Updated 8/7/2018))
  • Material Ingredients (MI): Ingredient Disclosure as per examples below or third party certified equivalent

Cradle to Cradle Certified; Cradle to Cradle Material Health Certificate; Declare; LEEDv4 compliant HPD published to the HPD repository; Material Ingredients List as per LEEDv4; Living Product Challenge

  • Environmental Profile (EP): Product Specific Type III EPD, LCAs meeting ISO/EN Standards
  • Material Sourcing (MS): 100% FSC, ANSI NSC 373 National Stone Standard

Who Else Is Doing It?

Since its infancy, mindful MATERIALS has garnered a library of 6,400+ products, 290+ manufacturers, 3400+ community users, and 14 certifications across 14 countries.

How Relevant Is It?

It’s a resource built by the industry for the industry. It acts as a manufacturer’s HUB, a searchable database for professionals to make more informed selections among architectural building products.  Professionals in the building industry can rest easy knowing that they have a direct and FREE access to products (and their respective manufacturers) that meet a sustainability criteria deadline.


If you want to show your LEADERSHIP in the SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY within mindful MATERIALS’ Library, ATS can guide you through the process of qualifying for this unified national endeavor.

Signing up is FREE and America Training Solutions (ATS), thru its partner: Vertima, can get your company listed if the basic requirements are met.