Ceramic Tile and Stone Installation Basics


Learning Objectives:

  1. Considerations in selecting tile - interior or exterior usage, split resistance, color to consider light reflectivity, frost resistance, chemical resistant for healthcare and food processing areas.
  2. Selection of proper thin set mortar - water absorption of tiles identifies the amount of bond you will need so tiles do not disband from the floor or wall which could cause injury. When to identify if a tile needs an additional mechanical bond for safety. when to select a cement vs epoxy grout. Epoxy grouts are used in wet areas to reduce moisture and mold growth.
  3. ANSI requirements and TCNA installation details - educating the audience of the correct installation methods for installing tile and identify which thin set mortars meet the ANSI test methods. Following these guidelines will reduce the risk of a tile installation failure and prevent damage of the building.
  4. Addressing movement joints - proper installation of tile to reduce cracking. When to consider adding perimeter joints for thermal expansion and contraction

Ceramic Tile and Stone Installation Basics

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This course will give you a basic understanding of how to introduce ceramic tile and stone installation into your projects.

Credits: 1 AIA HSW + 1 USGBC/GBCI + 1 AIBC Core LU + 1 AAA Structured LU

Length: 1h

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Product Description

This program discusses the basic types and properties of ceramic tile, reviews various setting materials and waterproofing compound, different installation types, various substrates to receive tile, and reviews the designing of joints. It will cover considerations in selecting tile, water absorption of tile, ANSI requirements, ANSI installation methods, ANSI specifications for materials, grouts, TCNA installation details and addresses movement joints.

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