The Advantages Of Live Courses

The Advantages Of Live Courses

Thankfully, architects and LEED professionals have so many options to complete their continuing-education LUs. State requirements vary considerably, and professional organizations like the AIA and USGBC have their own CE criteria. So, completing credits can be confusing and cumbersome.

Webinars are great for completing that one-hour credit at your desk. And, since the speaker presents live, you have the ability to post questions during the course. Online courses offer the most flexibility and convenience. With so many courses, topic selection is vast. And, you can complete the course at your own pace and at any time. This option is great for those long waits at the airport.

Over the years, we’ve found that live courses offer architects the greatest advantage, for several reasons.

  • First, live courses are interactive and engaging. In no other setting can you ask questions face-to-face with the presenter. The live setting promotes discussion and collaboration with other attendees, and ideas and solutions are shared among the group.Live Seminar
  • Second, facilitators of the live seminars are certified partners with most professional organizations, so the courses are valid for the credits you need. These include AIA HSW, USGBC, and Canadian LUs like AAA and AIBC, among others.
  • Third, live seminars offer as many as eight courses. In other words, architects can dedicate just one day to learning while completing as many as 8 credits. Breakfast and lunch are also included.
  • Fourth, the seminars offer courses featuring today’s innovation and product solutions. Some seminars may focus on a common theme, like green building or code compliance. Courses are continually changing based on current topics and need.

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