Objectifs d'apprentissage

1. Understand the format of the 7th Edition Accessibility Code.

2. Interpret the scoping requirements of the Accessibility Code.

3. Apply the requirements of Chapter 4 of the Accessibility Code to specific situations.

4. Locate specific sections of the Accessibility Code.


Overall this course was informative.


Making this stuff interesting is very hard. Thanks for putting this together.


Very comprehensive presentation on the Accessible Route. Covered a lot of ground and was specific to Florida's specific code requirements..


It was tough to remember all the information, I think I need to take the course more than a couple of times to get it all. Cheers


Good narrative


Advanced Training: Accessible Routes Under the Florida Accessibility Code


This advanced instructor led, interactive code training course is designed to provide building code administrators, plans examiners, inspectors, design professionals and contractors with 2.0 hours of advanced building code training on the technical provisions contained in Chapter 4 of the 7th Edition (2020) of the Florida Building Code, Accessibility Volume, Chapter 4, Accessible Routes.

CILB: 0613702 (1.0 hr. Adv./1.0 hr. Gen.) FBAID: CILB Reciprocity (2.0 hrs. HSW) FBPE: 0009142 (2.0 hrs. AOP) ICC: 25190 (.2 Building)

Crédits: 2 AIA HSW + 2 ADA + 2 Advanced Florida Building Code + 2 OAA, OAQ, SAA, MAA, AAPEI, NWTAA + CILB, FBAID, FBPE, ICC

Durée: 2 hours

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