Learning Objectives

1. Recognize the importance of proper acoustic control and its positive impact on the building’s occupants relative to health, speech privacy, security, and ability to learn.

2. Understand how to use key sound measurements in determining a successful acoustic plan with a focus on acoustic door and frame assemblies in environments like schools, offices, theaters, and medical buildings.

3. Describe the acoustic-door assembly and the importance of specifying the entire assembly from a manufacturer who offers test reports from an independent and certified lab.

4. Discuss the performance factors available in acoustic-door assemblies including level of sound control, fire rating, LEED contribution, ADA compliance, and security.


Great information

Joan Baydoun

Sound transmission and control through building assemblies is always a interesting lesson, be it doors or walls. Thanks

John D Skodi

very informative and well organized

Kwei Cheng Chang

It was ok.

Victoria Lambrecht

no comment

Wesley Henderson


Norman Schwartz

Thank you!

Wanda Lowrey


Leila Ammar

Even if most is review always learn a little something

Phillip Plaisted

Very informative and helpful information.

Curry Ballard

Acoustic Door Assemblies and Their Role in Sound Control


Sound control is a critical element to a building’s design. How an occupant will use the space must be understood in order to deliver a healthy and functional environment free of noise. Is speech privacy important? Is this a learning environment? Does the office open to a manufacturing floor? We all think of the walls, ceiling, and floor when discussing sound attenuation. But we must not overlook the importance of an acoustic-door assembly. Without the proper acoustic door, the sound-control goals in an acoustic plan may not be met. This course will review healthy sound levels and how to test and identify target STC ratings. We’ll discuss the elements of the acoustic-door assembly and how the assembly addresses fire-ratings and ADA compliance, contributes to LEED certification and green building, and provides security for classified files and electronic data.

Credits: 1 AIA HSW, 1 USGBC, 1 AANB, 1 NSAA, 1 ALBNL

Length: 1 hour

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