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  Understanding Advanced Wall System Design around Continuous Insulation



This one hour educational session will cover the latest in building enclosure technology for energy efficient buildings. Presented by one of North America's leading manufacturers of insulation, this course will provide an in-depth discussion of emerging wall that provide durable, cost effective and thermally efficient performance. Recent building and energy code changes will be reviewed including an opportunity to discuss solutions to meet these more stringent requirements. Current building science research and field monitoring information will be presented, demonstrating how insulation materials perform under different climatic conditions and how R-values change with time and season. Strategies to construct highly insulated wall assemblies and avoid thermal bridging will be presented, The seminar will cover all building types and construction materials, with...

Credits: 1 AIA HSW + 1 AIBC Core LU + 1 AAA , 1 AANB, 1 NSAA, 1 ALBNL Structured LU+ 1 AIBC Core LU + 1 AAA Structured LU + 1 OAA, OAQ, SAA, MAA, AAPEI, NWTAA

Length: 1


Sponsored by: Rockwool Published: 04/09/2021

  More Than Just an R-Value: Acoustics in Commercial Buildings



Commercial stone wool products can help to protect property, extend building life cycles and enhance occupant comfort, and are designed to make construction faster and easier. This course will identify what stone wool insulation is and how it is produced, and will discuss some introductory terminology and concepts as they relate to sound and acoustics in the building envelope. We will examine current codes and standards provisions for acoustics in the United States and finally, we will discuss techniques and considerations that can be used when designing exterior wall & roof assemblies and interior wall systems for sound acoustic performance.

Credits: 1 AIA HSW + 1 USGBC/GBCI + 1 AIBC Core LU + 1 AAA Structured LU + 1 OAA, OAQ, SAA, MAA, AAPEI, NWTAA

Length: 1h


Sponsored by: Rockwool Published: 03/08/2021

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