Learning Objectives

1. Understand common terminology and concepts as they relate to acoustics.

2. Understand principles for designing high performance acoustic assemblies as well as leave with some example combinations of materials for both walls and roofs designed specifically for acoustics.

3. Examine the acoustical benefits of stone wool versus other insulation materials in roofing and wall applications.

4. Discuss the acoustic codes and standards that are currently in place in the USA with specificity on occupant comfort in commercial buildings.



Great presentation!

Michelle Drollette

good seminar.

Bruce Zavos

Very useful overview.

Linda Berri

Great presentation!

Allison Krichman

Good information. Thank you,

Phillip Fowler

Good info on stc and sound requirements.

Chris White

Good presentation.

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No Comment.

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Great course


Good examples for assimilating knowledge.

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Good course

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Very informative

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Thank you, very informative!

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Thank you

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Good presentation. Sound level and frequency demonstrations good.

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great presentation. Very Informative.

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I did it

Dan Grudek


henry panton

Very comprehensive treatment of accoustics.

David Bradley

This was very informative and a good refresher.

Kathryn Holloway

Great course!!!

Richard Bynum

informative video on insulation and acoustical impact.

Ryan Hung

The presentation included all examples of design conditions, as well as specifics of materials and explanations. Each example had its own type of sound type to be studied.

Raymond R. Lammon

good information

Sam Listi

Great Course.

Joel Brenner

no comment

Wesley Henderson

Good refresher

Joan Baydoun

Good coverage of a product I use often


Good coverage of a product I use often


Informative - thanks

Erik Mar

great course. I would like to suggest that on the certificate, you specify 1 HSW credit, as it only says 1h. The State of NJ may question the credit and I would have to prove that it is an HSW by providing course description, which mean more paper work to submit to the state upon license renewal time


Always good to learn about other qualities of stonewall insulation.

John D Skodi


Robert Sutter

well organized presentation and very useful/practical

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Course was very informative. Material was well presented.

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This was one of the better webinars. I thought it was very well presented and pertinent to my industry.

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Great presentation.

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The presentation form the rockwool presenter was great and filled with new knowledgeable information for use.

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Lots of info about acoustics

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Nice Presentation!!

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Nice Presentation!!

Musfiqul Azad

Nice Presentation!!

Musfiqul Azad

Nice Presentation!!

Musfiqul Azad

Nice Presentation!!

Musfiqul Azad

Very informating, thank you.

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Pretty good

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Good Course

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Great. Thanks

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Enjoyed the decibel comparisons.

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Very Good Demonstrations

Rikki Frenkel

Very interesting and informative presentation. Good information to know.

Rick Ball

Clear presentation of complex subject material. Of particular interest: 1. History of acoustic rating, and how this rating system is evolving 2. How different wall assemblies can achieve different STC ratings, and how these ratings can be compromised by improper installation. - Diminishing return of adding width was also of interest. Audio videos were very effective.

Lucy Kelly

Great and informative course.

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sound broke up during course. difficult to hear everything

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Very informative!

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Good info

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good presentation. informative

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good presentation

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Good, clear, concise and basic seminar explaining acoustics and ways to control sound transmission.

Jon Buggy

More Than Just an R-Value: Acoustics in Commercial Buildings


Commercial stone wool products can help to protect property, extend building life cycles and enhance occupant comfort, and are designed to make construction faster and easier. This course will identify what stone wool insulation is and how it is produced, and will discuss some introductory terminology and concepts as they relate to sound and acoustics in the building envelope. We will examine current codes and standards provisions for acoustics in the United States and finally, we will discuss techniques and considerations that can be used when designing exterior wall & roof assemblies and interior wall systems for sound acoustic performance.

Credits: 1 AIA HSW + 1 USGBC/GBCI + 1 AIBC Core LU + 1 AAA Structured LU + 1 AANB, NSAA, ALBNL (EPP)

Length: 1h

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