Learning Objectives

Learning Objective 1:
Describe the IBC code requirements for swimming pool enclosures

Learning Objective 2:
Understand Design Considerations of Specified Enclosure and adherence to code requirements

Learning Objective 3:
Learn about Swimming pool access points and safety guidelines required by code

Learning Objective 4:
Describe pool fence material options and determine appropriate selection based on aesthetics and budget.


Very useful information, well-presented.

Helen Hiser


James Matichuk

Great presentation

Ronald Goodstein


Peter Cadoux


William Jarratt

Excellent illustrations!

Chris Boggess

Very Informative

Jonathan Berkman

great course


good review of pool enclosure requirements

Charles Grad

Interesting and informative presentation.

Katherine Ririe

The presentation was very well presented and outlined and formulated to understand easily and professionally. The code portion was well understood. Great job!

Raymond R. Lammon

Good code compliant pool security fencing information

John D Skodi

Very thorough and informative video. Detailed yet concise. Kudos to the presenter.

Nate Dodson

all good

Jon Campbell


Shawn Xiaotu Xu

tough test

Kurt Aichler

Very comprehensive and informative.

Jill Shingledecker

Very helpful

Kristen Lien

Good over view of pool requirements.

Fred Frederick

Great course.

Christopher Owens

Very useful information

Chad Peterson

Good course. Would like to have had more info on ADA compliance at the entry gate.

Katherine Baigrie


Micael Duran

It was just okay.

Michael Weber

Great class. There was a lot of information I was not aware of.

Francis Sun

Thank you

David Miertschin

informative and useful.

Katharine Allen

very informative

nichole chauvin

love it

Patrick Tucker

Clear presentation - thanks

Lilian Weinreich

Great overview and refresher. Specific information very well presented with diagrams

Joe Davidson

Good session

Robert Harmeyer

good information

Kellee Bowers


Tim Evans

good presentation

Benjamin Nia

Very informative course

Elise Keith

Excellent seminar!

Joseph Mackin, Jr.

Good information.

Mark Colloton

Good information and well presented

David Boyle


Yingying Zhang

Very good

Joel Brenner

Swimming Pool Enclosure Code Requirements Explained


This course will provide the Architect with the details of swimming pool enclosure code requirements to ensure specified design and materials meet standard building code criteria for barrier and access requirements.

Credits: 1 AIA HSW + 1 AIBC Core LU + 1 AAA Structured LU + 1 AANB, NSAA, ALBNL (EPP)

Length: 1h

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