Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

1.Explain the chemical free, non-toxic Thermal Modification process and discuss why Thermally Modified Hardwood poses no threat to the environment and human wellness.
2.Recognize and be able to list the Performance and Design features of Thermally Modified Hardwood.
3.Understand and be able to list the Environmental Advantages of using this carbon-sequestering building and design material, sourced from responsibly managed, sustainable forests, and the product of responsible manufacturing.
4.Comprehend the proper installation, chemical-free finishing, and routine care and maintenance that contribute to longest-life performance of the material.


Great course. Thank you.

Paul Masino

Reasonable overview of the product


Thumbs up

Peter Cadoux

Well presented and informative. Can see where using thermally modified hardwoods would be beneficial in several applications in my designs.

Denise Steffes


Jessica Boone

Very interesting course

Mariela Martinez

Great material and knowledge by the presenter.

Allison Krichman

Very interesting and useful.

Ronald Goodstein


William Jarratt

Very interesting stuff.

Chris White

very cool product

mel maertz

very informative as thermally trated wood is becoming important exterior finish material

Aavart Patel

Thank you

Jeff Whyte

Very Informative

Jonathan Berkman

On point

Dan Grudek

Excellent presentation and a very nice product.

Stephen McCall

Simple, good course. A cost comparison would be useful.

Charles Grad

Great info

Mark Jensen

great information

Carla Acosta

I had not heard of this wood treatment before this seminar.

John D Skodi

Nice explained. Voice would get lost at times and it was had to understand. Needs to speak clearly.

Victoria Lambrecht

Good Knowledge

Peyton Ramsett

Good info.

Ann Sage

I enjoyed the photos of completed projects. The lecturer was very clear and the concepts were very simple to grasp.

Wesley Henderson


Leila Ammar

Great information on a sustainable process and product.

Christina Haislip


Dan MenMuir


Shawn Xiaotu Xu

Thermally Modified Hardwood and its Role in Architectural Design


This presentation will provide information on the thermal modification process; discuss the environmental advantages and performance features of Thermally Modified Hardwood (TMH); and showcase Thermally Modified Hardwood in both outdoor and indoor applications. At the conclusion, specifiers will be comfortable sourcing this unique building material.

Credits: 1 AIA HSW + 1 USGBC/GBCI + 1 AIBC Core LU + 1 AAA Structured LU + 1 AANB, NSAA, ALBNL (EPP)

Length: 1h

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